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Learning to use Grav

Have you ever found the perfect book or article, only to run into issues actually obtaining it from the library? Sooner Xpress and ILL may be able to help.

I don't love camping, but I do enjoy hiking (in good weather) and enjoying beautiful nature.

If you have looked for a book at OU Libraries, chances are you have used the Discover box at the top of the main library website. Sometimes, however, this is not the most efficient way to find what you are looking for.

Books are great! My favorite genre is fantasy, particularly high fantasy - think Lord of the Rings style.

The University of Oklahoma Libraries offers numerous workshops throughout the year, with topics ranging from knitting to automating repetitive tasks using the programming language R.

You can't trust everything you see on the internet. But can you trust anything you see on the internet?

As of this post, Quark is the default theme for Grav websites. It has a number of configurable options that you may want to check out.

Did you know you can check out a telescope at Bizzell Memorial Library?

I have always had a difficult time naming things - whether it is an essay for a class, a character in a story, or even a simple file or folder on my computer. There are so many possible names, and it can feel overwhelming trying to make sure I choose the best name.

As mentioned in the tutorial, there are two ways to add images to your pages. The tutorial walks you through uploading an image and then setting it as the "hero image" used by the page template. It also provides a brief description of adding images within the content. In this post we will demonstr...