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The University of Oklahoma Libraries offers numerous workshops throughout the year, with topics ranging from knitting to automating repetitive tasks using the programming language R.

Whatever your interests (or needs), there are likely at least a few workshops you would find interesting and/or useful. You can check out the OU Libraries calendar to see what events and workshops are coming up. Make sure to check back regularly to see what new events may have been scheduled.

Don't see a workshop you want? See a workshop you want that isn't offered at a good time? View our list of on-request workshops. For most of these, as long as five people plan to attend we will schedule one for you. The Carpentry workshops are an exception, as they are very long (2 8-hour days). They require a minimum of fifteen participants.

If we have a workshop you are interested in that is not listed as an on-request workshop, or if you don't see a workshop on something that you want to learn, please contact us and let us know! Your feedback can help inform our future directions, and we may be able to direct you to relevant resources, if nothing else.

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