Tutorial Template

Tutorial Template

Instructions and Samples

Lesson Level: Beginner

Last Updated: 2021-02-12

Created By: Theo Acker

Welcome to the Digital Scholarship tutorial template!

These pages will walk you through installation (if your initial website is not yet set up), as well as everything you need to know to create and maintain a tutorial. Identical copies of these pages can be found in your initial website set up and on the template demo website. Since you will not want to keep these pages as part of your own tutorial, it is strongly recommended to bookmark the demo website for easy reference.

Do not delete this page. Change the page title to the name of your tutorial and replace the contents with introductory information for learners. See the tutorial structure section for recommendations about what to include on the first page.


  1. A platform to host Grav, which the tutorial theme is built on
  2. The tutorial theme (linked to in the installation section)
  3. Basics of using Grav (included in these pages)
  4. Basics of using Markdown (included in these pages)

Theme Info

This theme was developed by Theo Acker from OU Libraries Digital Scholarship. Lyssa Prince and Robb Carr from AbleTech provided extensive help in finding and addressing potential accessibility issues.

If there are any issues in the theme itself or the default page content, please report them to the relevant GitHub page, or by emailing Theo at theoacker@ou.edu or OU Libraries Digital Scholarship at digitalscholarship@ou.edu. We are also always happy to hear any suggestions or requests. If you are finding the theme helpful, please let us know!

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