Creating Scatter Plots

While bar charts are good for displaying one measurement for categorical data, they are not nearly so helpful for comparing different measurements to each other. For example, endorsements and downloads are two interesting measures we have not worked with yet. If we want to see how they relate to each other, even a side-by-side bar chart (where each category has two bars, one for endorsements and one for downloads) will not be very helpful in making any meaningful comparisons. Further, if we want to examine the relationship between the two measures for individual mods, rather than categories, we would be out of luck. We would need 10,000 bars! Instead, we will make use of the scatter plot, an excellent type of chart for finding the correlation between two measurements.

In this section we will make two scatter plots. The first will compare Endorsements to Total Downloads, and the second will compare a calculated field we will call Approval Ratio to Total Downloads

Learning Objectives

  • Make a scatter plot.
  • Use Rows and Columns to make charts.
  • Format plot points and axes.
  • Create a calculated field.